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Vice dean pedagogy

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-Vice-Dean in charge of Studies and Student-related Questions.
Vice-Dean: Prof. Metatla Abderezak (Professor)
Mission of the Vice-Dean:
  • Ensure the management and follow-up of registrations for graduate students,
  • Monitor the progress of teaching activities and take or propose to the dean any measure for their improvement,
  • Keep the name and statistical file of students, Collect, process,
  • and disseminate educational information to the profile of students.
Secretariat: SALLA Wissem, Boudjeniba Saida
Head of Education: Boussakaa Salah
Head of Statistics, Information and Guidance Service: Kamel Nadia
Teaching and Assessment Department: BEKOUCHE Nesrine
The departments:
-Petrochemistry and Process Engineering.
-Mechanical Engineering.
-Electrical Engineering.
-Civil Engineering.

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