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Portrait of the Faculty of Technology

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The Faculty of Technology is the result of the division of the mother faculty of Engineering Sciences and Sciences into two faculties: Faculty of Science and Faculty of Engineering (December 2008).

The Faculty of Engineering Sciences was then structured into five (05) departments: Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Process Engineering.

Following the generalization of the LMD system and the end of the Engineers and DEUA training courses, the faculty was renamed Faculty of Technology (September 2010).

It brings together the departments of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Petrochemicals & Process Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Technology.

The Faculty of Technology has two Vice-Deans and 5 departments


Vice Deans: -Vice-Dean in charge of Post-Graduation, Scientific Research and External Relations.

Vice-Dean: Dr Zennir Youcef (Senior Lecturer A)

Missions of the Vice Dean:

  • Monitor the progress of the post-graduation entrance exams;
  • Take or propose the necessary measures to ensure the functioning of post-graduation training;
  • Ensure the progress of the defense of theses and post-graduation theses;
  • Monitor the progress of scientific research activities; Initiate partnership actions with socio-economic sectors;
  • Initiate actions to boost and strengthen national and international interuniversity cooperation;.
  • Implement teacher development and retraining programs;
  • Monitor the functioning of the scientific council of the faculty and keep its archives.


Secretariat: FRIKAH Nadia

Post-Graduation Training Monitoring Service: AIEB Fatima, BETTINE Fatima

Internship Service: BOUDAKHANA Fairouz

Cooperation and External Relations Department: Bouaffar Soufiane


-Vice-Dean in charge of Studies and Student-related Questions.
Vice-Dean: Prof. Metatla Abderezak (Professor)
Mission of the Vice-Dean:
  • Ensure the management and follow-up of registrations for graduate students,
  • Monitor the progress of teaching activities and take or propose to the dean any measure for their improvement,
  • Keep the name and statistical file of students, Collect, process,
  • and disseminate educational information to the profile of students.
Secretariat: SALLA Wissem, Boudjeniba Saida
Head of Education: Yezli Nadira
Head of Statistics, Information and Guidance Service: Kamel Nadia
Teaching and Assessment Department: BEKOUCHE Nesrine
The departments:
-Petrochemistry and Process Engineering.
-Mechanical Engineering.
-Electrical Engineering.
-Civil Engineering.

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