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A word from the dean

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It is my duty to welcome you to the virtual platform (http://ftech.univ-skikda.dz) of our faculty, which will, I hope, be an open door to all of our teachers, to our students and to our entire economic, social and cultural environment.

Very proud and very honored to have been appointed Dean of the Faculty of Technology of the University August 20, 1955-Skikda, I can only express my gratitude and gratitude to the Rector of the University, Doctor Haddad Salim for the confidence he gave me by appointing me to head the largest Faculty of the university.

fully aware of the heavy responsibilities inherent in my position, totally determined to accomplish the tasks incumbent upon me with selflessness and honesty, I would like to thank my predecessors for the efforts made in the service of our faculty and to express my commitment to all our partners, teachers, students and administrative and ATS staff, to work with all my strength to establish traditions of dialogue and consultation, to mobilize all energies and to promote all skills. Meeting the challenges that await us, making our faculty shine scientifically and pedagogically, is everyone's business.

It is the business of the teacher-researcher who spares no effort to constantly improve his teaching and to be in step with technological advances in a world in perpetual change. It is the student's business who must be a full player in the life of the faculty and who, through the acquisition of knowledge and know-how, must meet the expectations of the society that sees in him not only the framework but also the citizen.

It is also the business of all the administrative and ATS staff, who are the backbone of the various departments and ensure the smooth running of the various activities. It is also the business of the various bodies of the faculty which must establish a quality managerial system guided by good governance and oriented towards the rationalization of expenditure and the optimization of human and material resources.

Due to the specific nature of the teaching provided by the various departments of our faculty, we are called upon to implement a policy of bringing all of our training courses into line with the socio-economic reality of our region. To this end, cutting-edge sectors in the field of renewable energies must have the place they deserve in the agenda of our priorities. Other sectors such as process engineering, water treatment or even petrochemicals will regularly have to appear.

'' improve and adapt by developing a policy of mutually beneficial partnership with the different branches of the economic sector. With the sectors with stronger traditions such as civil engineering, mechanical engineering or even electrical engineering, which has made the reputation of our faculty, they will be all assets that will allow our faculty to fully play its role within our university and help provide answers to questions and solutions to problems throughout our region. The scientific community of our faculty is fully aware of its responsibilities towards society and is determined to meet society's expectations by promoting quality training and developing scientific and technical research open to the socio-economic environment in general. and in the industrial sector in particular.

In this regard, we will spare no effort to implement a policy of real cooperation with our partners in the world of industry, whether through research work, the exchange of thoughts and the pooling of resources, or through the training of our students, which must respond in quality and relevance to the needs of the world of work or finally through the services we offer to the community and the business world. For the realization of these noble tasks all proposals will be listened to, all goodwill will be welcome and to all my colleagues, our students and all of our staff my door will always be open, far from any patronage and with a only concern: the smooth running of our faculty and the success of our mission.

Dr. Nesrine Ammouchi

Dean of the Faculty of Technology

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