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Résumé en anglais de KEZZAR Mohamed


In this research work, we have studied dynamical and heat transfer problems of flow between nonparallel plane walls (through converging-diverging channels). In fact, this celebrated flow developed by Jeffery in 1915 and independently by Hamel in 1916, provides one of the few exact solutions of Navier-Stokes equation.

The obtained equations which characterize velocity profile and temperature distribution of the studied flows (traditional and nano-fluid), were treated numerically and analytically. In fact, numerical solution was given by Runge Kutta method and shooting technique; while the analytical solution was developed using three methods of decomposition, namely: Adomian method (ADM), generalized decomposition method (GDM) and modified decomposition method (MDM).

Finally, the comparaison between obtained results show clearly the validity, the applicability and the higher accuracy of the used analytical methods: GDM and MDM..

Keywords : Jeffery-Hamel flow; velocity profile; temperature profile ; numerical methods; analytical methods.










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