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Résumé en anglais de BOUCHIREB Abdelouahab


Nowadays, it is well known that the lifetime of gear mechanisms is mainly related to operating conditions such as: lubrication system, deflection resistance and fatigue resistance.

Over the last decades, the effect of solid particles has been studied intensively by many researchers. In this thesis, a particular attention was dedicated to the effect of sand particles on gear teeth wear, temperature evolution and vibration levels. On the other hand, generated particles (i.e. wear debris in lubricant oil) during operation are modeled and analyzed statistically.

Finally, the obtained results show clearly that the presence of solid particles within surfaces contact, leads to the fast failure of gear teeth, thus justifying the lifetime reduction of machine elements in highly contaminated media.

Key-Words: Contact, Gears, Solid Contamination, Lubrication, Wear, Weibull models.









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