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Résumé en anglais de DJEBIEN Rachid


The concrete is the most material used in the construction field. The aggregates represent 75% of the concrete volume. Therefore, it is appropriate to study the possibility of valorization of dune sand knowing that our country has huge potential in dune sand, and wastes in the concrete manufactured in order to conserve natural resources, surmount the deficit on aggregates, protect the environment and reduce the consumption of energy sources.

This work focuses on the development of concrete made from sand, and the use of marble waste in the formulation of this type of concrete.

To meet this objective, an experimental approach was performed; it consisted to incorporate different percentages of marble fines in the formulation of sand concrete. These concretes are characterized in the fresh and hardened state to study the effect of addition of these fines on the properties of sand concrete.

The results of this study showed that it is possible to produce sand concretes based marble waste fines. They significantly improve the rheological and mechanical properties and make the sand concrete less absorbent.

Key words: Sand concrete, marble, properties, fines, formulation, waste, valorization.









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