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Résumé en anglais de Ayat Amira

Abstract :


In this study, a sample of lime mortar has been collected from a wall of the Meriem Azza palace and was submitted to a chemical and mineralogical analysis. The results have shown that this coating mortar is composed essentially of clay and lime. To restore this historic monument with similar mortar, an experimental study has been carried out to produce an eco-material with sand, aerial lime and waste brick.

Raw materials used are local : a fine quarry sand (0/2) from Didouche Mourad quarry, an aerial lime from BCMC plant of Berriane and waste brick from a brick factory located at the municipality of Boumaiza.

Waste brick was grounded in two different finesses and have been used in three rates: 10%, 20% and 30%. In total seven compositions were prepared and characterized at fresh and hardened states: bulek fresh density, consistency, setting time and entrained air, then compressive and flexural strengths, water absorption by immersion and by capillarity succion, and non destructive tests by ultrasonic device.

It is noted that seven compositions were mixing by hand to keep the traditional character. One of the significant results of this study is that the eco-mortar proposed constitutes a valuable altenative to restore the walls of Meriem Azza palace provided complementary study reliable to its durability.





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