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Résumé en anglais de BEKKAI Akram

 “Combination Photogrammetry and BIM towards a Methodology of Survey Of heritage Built “



This thesis is part of the process of the realization of virtual digital models for the fields of rehabilitation through an architectural modeling and BIM technologies.

It begins with the study of 3D acquisition, photogrammetry and laser scanning techniques, this presentation based on pervious researches followed by a series of experiments carried out on the ground. Then, an exhibition of 3D reconstruction techniques is discussed and considered theoretical support for the return of three-dimensional data acquired by photogrammetry techniques.

The 3D model obtained by the above process must be enriched with diverse information on the state of the existing structure. as well as changes that will suffer. This combination of information related to the building with the graphical model will allow us to expand the role of the 3d digital model in the field of rehabilitation.

Diverse experiments are then presented, they are the carrier of a combination of techniques designed to facilitate the reading architectural building modeling. The main contribution of this research is the integration of the graph model in the Building Information "BIM" for the purpose of improving the collection and organization of information system mainly to produce documentation based on an interactive presentation.

Finally, the main objective of this thesis is to highlight the survey techniques that can be used in the field of rehabilitation to a model of intelligent 3D digital model with the information "BIM" building system.


Key words: survey, photogrammetry, digital model, BIM, 3D modeling





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