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Résumé en anglais de Chieul Meriem

This work is motivated by the growing global search for more energy sources and the increasing search for renewable and non- polluting energies, where wind energy is the most promising.

The dynamic aspect, the turbulent nature of the wind, which both are at the same time essential to the wind turbine to operate and a disturbing input, and the strong nonlinearity of the aerodynamics of the wind have shown a difficulty in wind turbine control.

The objective of this work, below the rated power, is to maximize the sensing of the wind aerodynamic energy; where the torque of the generator is then used as a control input.

To achieve this goal, we have seen that conventional approaches such as PID regulators, do not take sufficiently in account the wind turbulent nature and the nonlinear and dynamic aspect of the windmill structure which yields to a degradation in these regulators performances, mainly during rapid changes in wind speed. It is therefore, necessary to call for some techniques of advanced control systems, such as LQ control to ensure a robust control fulfilling the requirements of the wind turbine systems.


Key- words:
            Wind turbine, Non-linear system, PID Regulator, Advanced control, Robust control.





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